One of the newest editions to my neighborhood is a used bookstore- Half Off Books– who moved in from a few towns over.

They sell comics, kids books, records, DVDs, fiction, and non-fiction. One of the perks of living in a city with several colleges and universities is that when people clear their bookshelves, you get some good material- I pick up sociology, philosophy, theology, etc. Their prices are affordable ($5-7, usually) and they do a good job of rotating material and reducing prices to move books (where I vulture them up). Regardless of what you’re into, you will find it here in downtown Fullerton, CA. [end commercial]

The Essential Enneagram: The Definitive Personality Test and Self-Discovery Guide (David Daniels and Virginia Price, 2000)

I have not done the Enneagram, but I have friends who have and they seem genuinely asssited by that self-knowledge. This book was originally published as The Stanford Enneagram Discovery Inventory and Guide, which gives me a little more confidence than just browsing the interwebs.

Read Me Like a Book: Using Hermeneutics as a Guide to Pastoral Counseling (Jason Cusick, 2014)

I am curious about this book because I generally want to distance biblicism from counseling. This book looks at the interpretive tools that pastors are educated and skilled in (textual hermeneutics) to frame basic pastoral counseling competencies. The author’s associations are MUCH more conservative than my own, but I am interested in the interplay of interpretation and ananlysis applied to lived human existence.

Spiritual Formation: Following the Movements of the Spirit (Henri Nouwen, 2010)

This anthology is a compendium of Nouwen’s Spiritual Formation course that has been compiled by a longtime student and one of his editors. They have supplemented this “introduction” with some previously unpublished material.

I have only read snippets of Nouwen but he has had a substantial effect on some friends of mine, so I figured it would be helpful to catch up (because spiritual formation ought to be competitive, right? /s).

Peacework: Prayer, Resistance, Community (Henri Nouwen, 2005)

Another collection of Nouwen’s work, this time centered on Peacemaking. In my justice-minded circles, we focus a LOT on pragmatics and we can lose sight of the spiritual dimensions necessary for this work. Prayer, Resistance, and Community are the “path for Christians to embrace Jesus’ ethic of peacemaking” and so I am looking forward to his development of Christ-centered justice.

[Experiment site note: a future site would also have links to online booksellers, but I didn’t want to do all of that work right now and then have to repeat it again]

What do you think? This whole site is in experiment mode right now so I am looking for feedback. Use the comment area to let me know if you like this type of content or how to improve it- comments won’t post so only I will see what you have to say. Thanks! -michael

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