For the past year or so, I have been part of a program from Baker Books where am I review their latest offerings and provide my honest thoughts on my blog and an online retailer. Here are a few reasons why I enjoy it:

I have some parameters on my writing. Writing is something that I enjoy, but it is not my day job. Being part of the Baker Books Bloggers is a way for me to focus my book review energy by having a set of books to review rather than having to choose from every title available from everywhere, all the time.

I am exposed to books I might not otherwise choose
Each month, a list of review titles comes out to select from. I try to pick one that I will have some connection to, but the list usually skews more conservative and less academic than my other reading sources. This opens me up to interact with more pastoral or popular writing styles and focus my critique. (You can’t blame a non-academic for not being academic, for example.)

I get to share books (and ideas) with others
I don’t track analytics on my book reviews so I don’t know how many (we’ll assume millions) are affected by my reviews. I appreciate when I get some feedback but being part of the Baker Books Bloggers group also gives me the opportunity to share books and book suggestions to people who are looking for something good.

If you are a pastor, this would dovetail well with professional development and sharing some educational resources with your congregation. If you already blog regularly on church and faith topics, this program would help supply content. If you just love books and want to share with your networks and are looking for a publisher who shares that passion, the Baker Books Bloggers program is an option you should consider.

For more information, follow the link:

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