I have a hard time throwing anything away. Maybe it is a result of growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the confluence of homesteaders and recyclers that keeps me clinging to the possible usefulness of things. I have a scrap pile of lumber in my backyard that I’ve used to build chicken coops, play structures, benches, and shelves. My creativity sparks to think of how to repair, re-purpose, or re-invent to create something new.

As a professor, I spend a lot of time reading, analyzing, and thinking in my odd little niche of religion, social sciences, and cultural studies. There is incredible thinking happening in these spaces- yet often in isolation from each another.

I want this site to be a place where I can develop some good conversations about faith, culture, and living intentionally. I think that there are exciting ways that we can re-purpose what is great in our religious traditions and innovative perspectives that we can appreciate from new and different partners.  I think that there are people looking for thoughtful, inclusive, and hopeful community online because they can’t find it in their neighborhood. I think that there are people who wonder what other people think but aren’t ready to fully commit to engaging in real-life. I think that this audience trends more academic, or at least looking for something more meaty than a listicle or quick answer.

I want to write into this space to give a voice to experimental Christianity.


PS- here is a little more formal biography about who I am, what I have done, etc.]

Michael Shepherd is an administrative faculty member and adjunct professor at Hope International University in Fullerton, CA, USA. His courses cover intercultural studies, social sciences, Biblical studies, and Christian ministry. As Director of Certificate Programs, he supports affiliated programs in 20 different countries which deliver contextualized leadership training.

His past work includes leadership in addressing homelessness in Orange County, CA, as Director of Operations, Community Engagement Manager, and Housing Program Manager for different organizations. Prior to his work in housing, he was active in international community development. He is also an advisory board member for the Gianesschi Center for Nonprofit Research at California State University, Fullerton. He is experienced in intercultural communication (especially teaching), online and hybrid education, community organizing, and program development.

  • MA, Intercultural Studies, emphases in World Christianity and contextualization, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • MSc, Management, emphases in Community Development and Nonprofit Management, Hope International University
  • BA, Biblical Studies and Preaching, Hope International University

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