Michael is an experienced communicator in a variety of settings, including conferences and camps, panel discussions and moderation, group studies, teaching and preaching. He is available to speak at your event on a variety of topics and enjoys the opportunity to tailor a message to a new audience.

For more information or to discuss an upcoming event, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Seminar or Group Study Topics

  • Introduction to Bible Study (for youth, adults, or specific perspectives)
  • World Christianity and Contextual Theologies
  • Interfaith Dialogue and Community Engagement

Preaching and Conference Series

  • The Inclusion of Outsiders (Hagar, Naaman, table fellowship, the Ethiopian Eunuch, and Cornelius)
  • The Gospel According to the People Who Should Not Have Been There (Luke Series)
  • Addressing Diversity Head-On: Gentile Inclusion in Acts and New Testament Epistles

Training and Consultation Topics

  • Updating service programs and community partnerships for greater impact and stewardship
  • Aligning community involvement with congregation identity and resources
  • Developing Local, Regional, and Global partnership strategies