I started my first blog in 2007 when I was living in Kenya and I only had one hour a week at an internet cafe in the nearest connected town to upload something about what was happening for my fiancee, family, and friends to know what was happening with me. When I read back over these posts, there is the usual amount of naive musing about life inter-spliced with recounting my adventures in intercultural work.

Since that time, I’ve had four different blogs and generated content for 2 organizations before taking a hiatus in 2017. 10 years of writing in various formats has given me a lot of opportunities to experiment with my voice and I can finally say that…the experiments are not over.

I enjoy writing because it is a way to share my thoughts with another person in a deliberate and intentional way. This exchange opens the possibility to be inspired by another’s response to my thought and then continue to develop a concept further.

There are a few different formats that I am planning to host through this site:

  • Blog- these are standard fare: topical reflections that bring my perspective and experience to bear on a subject. These should be short, sharable, and open the conversation to explore an area in more depth.
  • Essays- focused writing on a subject that requires more nuance and probably in the 1500-word range. These will allow me to do further research and bring that back for analysis.
  • Papers- these will be a more academic tone than the blog or essays and reflect a greater degree of research and preparation, usually at least 2500 words and linked to a full document. (Example: “Spiritualities of Resistance” presented at Fullerton College Ethnic Studies Summit, 2017)